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Structural Integration / Rolfing

Rolfing is a holistic and process oriented bodywork, intending to balance the human body in the field of gravity.

Dr. Ida Rolf (thus the name "Rolfing") very early understood that the connective tissues (fascia) of the human body act as an anatomical container that guarantees form / shape / posture / structure .


There is extensive literature about the work available and the website of the European Rolfing Association (ERA e.V.) provides much information about different aspects of the work. Generally Rolfing proposes a series of manual treatments - following a structural logic - that can initiate a process to open a new horizon for the dormant potential in your individual, personal structure. It is also possible to apply a single treatment or a few sessions to approach (for example) problem-solving with a more technical orientation.


Meanwhile I have 28 years of professional experience as a Rolfer. During all those years my diagnostic and manual skills and my personal comprehension of this amazing work developed through ongoing continuing education and practical experience. I can adapt my work to the unique needs of the individual client. 

A general description of what Structural Integration / Rolfing entails does not seem helpful here. The field is wide and includes too many aspects - I prefer to offer my point of view in a personal conversation with you, so I can address your personal interests and needs comprehensively.

In case You decide to work with me:  I have a set of questions and take your specific "case history"; then I will visually analyze (we call this: "body-reading") your individual structure. With this I can describe your momentary structural state and orient you towards potentially possible interventions and development.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

And: it is quite potent to pause for a moment and contemplate the idea, that gravity is the only constant in your life!

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